Professional Dairy Association MVL

An organisation for trained specialists and other professionals in the dairy industry. Members occupy manufacturing, managerial and specialist positions in dairies.


  • manufacturer, laboratory technician
  • manufacturing manager
  • production manager
  • warehouse manager
  • maintenance manager
  • various other plant management functions
  • skilled maintenance worker and supervisor

MVL is an active labour market organisation that works with various stakeholders and is also involved in developing training for dairy workers and dairy engineers. MVL provides training for industry students in regulations governing the world of work, and supports them in various ways at Häme Vocational Institute and Häme University of Applied Sciences.

The principal function of MVL is to negotiate terms and conditions of employment, including pay, working time and holidays. The collective agreement determines the minimum terms and conditions of employment that employers must observe. This guaranteed minimum does not prevent individual employees from agreeing more generous terms and conditions with individual employers.

A local MVL shop steward is elected by the organised employees at each dairy establishment to assist members in employment-related issues.

Members enjoy many other benefits in addition to collective bargaining on their behalf. MVL administers an unemployment fund for members, and negotiates concessionary rates on leisure time accident and travel insurance, discounts on holiday destination packages throughout Finland, and special prices for services provided by partner organisations and businesses.

Facts about Professional Dairy Association MVL

  • established in 1945
  • improves and oversees the terms and conditions of employment of dairy industry professionals
  • negotiates an independent collective agreement and salary system
  • operates nationally and locally
  • A total of 3,000 members. 55 per cent are women and 45 per cent are men
  • publication: Maitotalous magazine